Vietnam visa for South African Citizen

Vietnam scenery

Not only South African Citizen, any foreigners enter to Vietnam need a visa except some of special case. Enjoying experience the local activity life of wet rice agriculture such as Mekong Delta, Hong Delta. Even more relaxing in wonderful beaches like Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and Nha Trang, etc.

After that, visiting to the centre of Vietnam economic is Saigon. Walking in the ancient city of Hoi An. Besides, check-in with the world heritage sites like Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave. Due to create the chance for tourists. The government in Vietnam has issued policy to make it easier for tourists to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Whether South African Citizen need a visa for Vietnam?

South Africa is not belong on the Vietnam visa exemption list, the citizens of South African can go to Vietnam by the purpose are tourism, business or other. Recently day,  depending on the purpose, time and place you live, South African will get a Visa Vietnam easily with many different ways. 

Some ways to apply for a Vietnam visa in South Africa

The South African has 3 popular ways to get a Vietnam visa:

Go to Vietnamese Embassy to apply for a visa

The citizen of South Africa should go to the Vietnamese Embassy that nearest your situation to apply for the visa if you want to get a Vietnam visa and travel to Vietnam by land and sea.

Information of Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in South Africa:

  • Address: 87 Brooks St., Brooklyn, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Telephone: +27 (0)12 362 8119
  • Fax: +27 (0) 12 342 8441
  • Email:

Be Notice: If you have plenty of time and without care about high price, this way is safe and advantage for anyone near Vietnamese Embassy.

Best choice for a foreigner, applying for Visa on arrival to Vietnam

Applying for a visa online by the website then landing to Vietnam international airports and get your visa here and at the waiting counter you will get a stamp on your passport. This is the way to get Vietnam Visa on arrival.

Following the 4 simple steps to get a Vietnam visa on arrival:

  • First step: Fill out the secure application form online
  • Second step: Pay the service fee and receive a confirmation
  • Third step: Get your approval letter via email
  • Final step: Get your visa stamped at arrival

More details for Vietnam visa application steps

This is the good method for South Africans have a nice journey to Vietnam with more economical and simpler. Only one trouble is visitors must come to Vietnam by air. Moreover, this is an advantage way for many people live further the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in South Africa.

You don’t need to wait for a long time to get a responsive from Vietnam Immigration Department by this method. Which acts as permission of getting the visa upon arrival.

Useful tips

– South African citizen assures that the passport has at least 6-month-validity and left pages from travel date. Before they want to apply online for a Vietnam Visa on arrival.

– South Africans must travel to Vietnam by air. This is a limitation of Visa on arrival.

New regulations for an E-visa

The Government of Vietnam has implemented the e-Visa since 2017. There are just 40 countries can apply for e-visa. However, South African is not appeared on this list.

Vietnam visa fee 

There are 2 fees you must pay for Vietnam visa on arrival: stamping fee and service fee.

Stamping fee:You must paid the fee directly at Vietnam Immigration Officer by cash (USD) at the Immigration Counter when landing on international airport in Vietnam to get a visa stamped on the passport. We can do it for you if you click on the full package on the visa application form option.

Processing time to get a Vietnam visa

Achieving a visa at the Vietnam Embassy will take a several days. Look out the working time of embassy, sometime they can’t work on holidays like Tet (Lunar New Year).

  • Normal: You will get Vietnam visa within 24 – 48 working hours.
  • Urgent: Faster than Normal, you will get Vietnam visa within 4-8 working hours.
  • Emergency: It was created for someone want to get Vietnam visa within 30 minutes or need it the right way for flight.

Penalty fee: This will be applied for people come to Vietnam on Saturday, Sunday or public Holiday but they didn’t apply for visa yet. We will deal it for you within 30 minutes by our staff will take care all of the documents for you when you arrive at the airport.

Contacting with us to get a nice trip to Vietnam because the policies of Vietnam visa always update.


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