What Makes A Suzuki Enduro The Best “Sidekick” For A Trip In Vietnam?

“Urggg, everything sucks real bad! The trip to France that I’ve been accumulating money for the whole year has gone down in flame because of Covid-19!

You think that’s the worst already? My boyfriend and I haven’t seen each other for three months and maybe even more! He may not love me anymore after this – cry a river.”

Calm down, guys! We’re on the same boat here! Why do you think I’m gluing my ass to this chair here and writing this article for you guys to read? I know this virus has ruined every single damn plan, but instead of spending hours on end crying your heart out, let’s take advantage of that moment to draft the best traveling plan you’ve ever had! Trust me, a Suzuki enduro trip to Vietnam can well be your “light” at the end of the tunnel!


Suzuki Enduro – The Best Adventure Bike For Conquering Rugged Terrains

First things first, why are people going nuts about traveling on a hundred-year-old motorbike that can break down at its will? (that hundred-year-old part seems a little bit exaggerated, but you get the idea, right?)

But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Apart from putting up with an “antique” bike, you can bring one-of-a-kind memories back home with you. Not everyone can tell with utmost pride that they have screamed at the top of their lungs on the highest peak of Vietnam’s four most magnificent passes, or woken up next to the most dazzling and heavenly scenes of golden rice terraces! 

Don’t want to feel inferior? Why not sign up for Vietnam enduro tours right away to unleash yourself from those invisible cages (a.k.a being locked down at home 24/7) that Covid-19 created? Before that, let’s find out more about our best companion – a Suzuki enduro motorbike!

If traveling off-the-beaten-path is your cup of tea, then a Suzuki DRZ400 was born for you. Why am I recommending this model among thousands of motorcycles out there? Let’s break things down little by little, shall we?

Bike Construction and Power

Featuring a five-speed gear cluster, this DRZ400 is “born” for both on-road and off-road riding without any difficulty. To reach the speed of 100km per hour, equivalent to about 6250 rounds per minute, a set of 15/44 sprockets is suitable for dealing with most rugged and bumpy terrains. Do expect some typical vibrations in any small single-cylinder bike!


Besides, the stock seat is designed with the comfort of drivers in mind, which I find incredibly thoughtful while traveling for long distances. Also, I suggest adding a seat cushion for extra support. Believe me; you’re gonna feel like walking on cloud nine as your butt is well taken care of!

Brake system

The brake system of this Suzuki enduro model is satisfactory, but by no means outstanding! Specially used as an adventure bike, the motorcycle reveals some weaknesses with its 250mm front brake. However, this can be solved by upgrading it into 270mm for additional power and safety.


When compared to those adventure motorbikes on the market that weigh up to 160 kg, the DRZ400 falls into the lightweight category with only 138kg. Although this figure can increase due to the bring-along luggage and equipment, this bike remains a nimble guy for conquering diverse terrains and shines like a diamond at the right time! 

Service Intervals

This factor should be prioritized unless you are willing to ride alongside a bike wheezing like an 85-year-old man. Luckily, this model comes with friendly service intervals and flexibility for long-distance journeys.


Since the DRZ400 is deemed to be “bulletproof” by many adventure riders, the continuous heavy loads carrying and terrain crossing for long periods are likely to put some pressure on its engine. Thus, keep in mind to check these following factors before any long trip: oil quality, radiator fan, and regulator!


The DRZ400 Suzuki enduro model shows a satisfying performance in the range of lightweight adventure bikes. With the only 400cc, it lacks the fierce power that some are looking for but is equipped with considerable horsepower to defeat scary-looking high steeps, winding mountain roads, and many more with confidence and reliability.

Amazing Ha Giang Motorbike Tours Adventure BMTRAVEL

Things You Should Know Before Starting Vietnam Enduro Tours

Rent A Motorbike

You can’t go on a motorbike traveling trip without a bike, right? It’s common sense! If you’ve fallen in love with this Suzuki DRZ400, consider heading to BM Travel Adventure Company, specializing in motorbike and 4×4 car rental service, to have a look at their “wow” collection.

I once rented a Honda CRF250L from this company for my Ha Giang Loop trip, and the bike worked beyond my expectations. Let’s give their well-maintained motorcycles a try, and I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it! In case something goes astray, rest assured with their timely and responsive customer service.

Check The Weather Forecast

There is no point traveling under extreme weather conditions because you can hardly see a thing! Some drivers may enjoy thrilling sensations, but think again, are those instantaneous moments worth risking your dear life?

Therefore, do check the weather forecast carefully before taking any step further.

Take Some Driving Lessons

WARNING! Driving a motorbike in Vietnam is no joke! If you aren’t a dab hand in this field, spare some time for serious driving lessons. Whether you’re a risk-taker or not, don’t hurt other people because of your own stupidity!

Get A Proper Driver’s License

Driving a motorcycle in Vietnam without a permit is considered illegal, and drivers can receive hefty fines for this act. Hence, get yourself an appropriate license for your motorbike trip! 

Be Safe And Sound

This is the most crucial advice since you have no idea what’s going to happen next while you’re on the roads, especially in the traffic chaos and madness of Vietnam. Thus, pay 100% attention and avoid being caught off guard while driving. Remember to come back in one piece, guys!

Final Words

The most memorable Vietnam motorbike trip desperately needs the company of the best Suzuki enduro bike, and the DRZ400 model is a highly recommended option. But there’s no harm looking around to widen your choices, then you can come up with the most suitable decision.

I hope this article is of great use to you. Do share your favorite motorcycle journeys in the comment section below and make others jealous of your stunning bike for a Vietnam motorcycle trip!

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