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Essential travel tips for Hong Kong tourists for traveling to Vietnam

Hotels and Accommodations in Vietnam

Accommodations in Vietnam are varied from family run guest houses and small cozy style boutique hotels to up to large international luxury high end hotels to stay. Bigger cities such as Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang and so on offer a wide selection of places to stay, remember to book your accommodation from Hong Kong if you are traveling to Vietnam during the lunar new year or peak tourism season. Smaller cities such as Sapa, you will need to book a hotel before arrival, also, there are plenty of options for home-stays too. Again, if you book a holiday package, we take into account a range of criteria when selecting the accommodation. Having inspected countless hotels, we offer a carefully selected range of 3 – 4 star hotels.

The emphasis is on accommodating you in well-managed, centrally located hotels that factor in comfort, cleanliness and a modest range of guest facilities. In more remote regions of Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, the choice of accommodation may be limited but we will always book the best hotels available for our groups tours to Vietnam from Hong Kong.

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