Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea – Vietnam Embassy information

How to get Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea in Guinea? All Vietnam visa guide in details, making the procedure easy is our mission.

If Papua New Guinea citizens want to visit Vietnam, they can apply for Vietnam tourist or business visas. However, Vietnam has not had any embassy or consulate in Papua New Guinea yet. Therefore if Papua New Guinea passport holders want to apply for Vietnam visas they have to find Vietnam embassy or consulate in another country to apply for, OR they can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website.

It means Papua New Guinea passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with the Vietnam Immigration Department on this website instead of finding the Vietnam embassy in a nearby country for Vietnam visa. This may be faster and more convenient for visa applicants.

Applying for visa on arrival people do not need running around finding offices; they can stay at home or in the office, with an internet connection and a computer or smartphone then they can apply for Vietnam visa online. No matter it is public holidays or weekends, no matter how busy the traffic out the site or how long for the line in the embassy, the Vietnam online visas can fix them all. It saves lots of time and money.

Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea is an obligation?

Yes, it is. Comply the law on entry and exit for tourists of Vietnam, whoever lives in Guinea and obtains non-Vietnamese passport must obtain Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea to enter Vietnam legitimately. Furthermore, in most cases, Guinea passport holder is unable to check-in at all departure airports without Vietnam visa or approval letter.

Besides, there are some prohibited acts which travelers need to pay attention to avoid such as: using fake documents to enter, leave or transit throughout Vietnam. Also, providing false information in order to gain a Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea is an illegal action.

How to get Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea?

There are 2 legal methods in order to gain a Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea:

  • Apply online (pick up Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports)

First of all: fill-in your information directly at:

After that: we will send you the approval letter from the Immigration Department within 24 hours (normal service). It takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for an emergency case.

Final step: print out the approval letter we sent you to gain Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airports.

Kindly pay attention that passport with valid is more than 6 months and at least one blank page is necessary conditions.

  • Apply Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea via agencies at hometowns

Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Guinea. Therefore, except “Visa on arrival”, there is no way to gain Vietnam Visa before visiting Vietnam inside Guinea.

The solution for those who want to obtain Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea in advance is that Guinea passport holders can go to travel companies located in Guinea to register a visa to Vietnam. Of course, there will be an additional extra fee.

Vietnam Embassy information for Guinea passport holders

Currently, there is no Vietnam Embassy has been set up in Guinea. So, applicants can go to Embassies in the nearest country to apply for a visa in person.

We hope Vietnam visa for citizens of Guinea is not the hindrance for you to discover wonderful destinations in Vietnam.

Besides Vietnam visa, is there any other notice at the airports of Vietnam for Guinean?

A visa can be valid for 1 time only or multiple times but you are unable to change your purpose when you are in Vietnam (follows to the new law of Immigration 2015).

Each person needs a separate visa, except children under 14 years old and travel with guardian or parents.

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