10 Things You Should Know When Taking a Vietnam 4×4 Tour

For a perfect and safe 4×4 travel in Vietnam, you and your companions can’t miss out on the following things.

1. A safe and functional car

A 4×4 vehicle equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems like ISUZU DMAX, FORD RANGER is the most effective thing that drives to the scenic campsite.

As for these pickup trucks, you still need some additional parts to improve the car’s function and performance, which are a roof rack, a lockable storage box, a rooftop tent, a trunk mat, seat covers, bike racks for cars, an inverter to charge various electrical devices. Additionally, if you travel in a group, bring along walkie-talkies, compasses, and flashlights. Though these items are small, they are very helpful for your 4×4 tours in Vietnam. 

One of the best things when driving off-road is that there’s plenty of space for your personal needs, from tents to food and other essentials.

Vietnam 4x4 tour

Vietnam 4×4 tour 2

2. Vehicle inspection and maintenance

Before starting a long trip on the roads of Vietnam, you should get a vehicle inspection and maintenance to overcome the risks that could cause damages and problems to your car. Never forget to carefully check and maintain your vehicle before traveling away from home. It’s to ensure the car operates normally on rugged roads.

And if you often drive off-road, learn how to fix and repair simple break-down. Also, drivers ought to prepare some essential items such as a spare tire in good condition, flashlights, car window cleansers, portable car lift, electric pump, and basic car repair parts. It’s required to take along some tools to fix some simple breakdowns.

To make sure, save some phone numbers of automobile repair shops near the places that you will go through.

3. Luggage

Apart from basic necessities such as tents, food, water, medical supplies, and fundamental car repair kits, stuff in your bag a map because not every place has a cell phone signal (especially in the mountains).

4. Rescue tools

The following tools and spare parts are also recommended for easier access to more remote campsites such as all-terrain tires (if needed), (and big-size spare tire); tire pressure gauges, car evaporators, and electronic car pumps; safety kits including medical tools and fire extinguishers; winch kits; tow hook, tow ropes; multipurpose tools, shovels, and axes; walkie-talkies; compass and flashlight.

5. Traveling with a group

Solo travel is not a good idea since anything can happen during a road trip. Traveling with a group is safer on a hard trip as you can get prompt support and help from the companions. Even though, it doesn’t matter for those who love solo travel.

6. Don’t stop your car in the wilderness

Don’t drive your car for too long in the remote forest if you do not really know the area’s terrain. Especially in the afternoon because it’s going to be dark soon. There are even no lights, no local houses, or any services. Not to mention the case that your car has unexpected problems but you don’t know how to repair it.

Notably, don’t stop your car in areas that are too far from residential or remote territory if you have just a few travel buddies and none of you know the terrain well.

7. Get well some driving techniques

You need to know your vehicle’s limits, its performance, the torque of the engine, maximum power, ground clearance as well as the drive system. If your vehicle does not come with modern automotive technologies, it can only conquer some roads with a certain degree of difficulty. Get your warhorse well or it will get you stuck over the really tough roads.

Those drivers who are well-experienced in going off-road often reduce the tire pressure to make the tire’s sides more elastic and flexible. It’s good for both passengers and the car itself when running continuously on bad roads.

Besides, the tire pressure lower than normal will help the truck increase its grip on the terrain. As recommended by MAST’s Hyundai auto parts experts, tire pressure should be kept at around 18 PSI.

8. Where to rent a car for your road trip if you don’t have one?

Whether you are from England or America or anywhere else, and you want to join Vietnam 4×4 tours, come to BM Travel Adventure. The Hanoi-based company is a promising provider of 4×4 or off-road vehicles, where you can find new models with a charming policy and warranty.

For example, the new American and Japanese bridge trucks for 2020 like FORD RANGER and ISUZU DMAX with modern systems and machines. Strong and easy to control, their chassis has optimal features for off-road use. BM Travel Adventure regularly upgrades all the vehicles used for their tours with specialized equipment.

Excellent tour guide and devoted backup

For a safe tour, each of our Support team goes with an English-speaking tour guide or a Spanish-speaking one (extra cost) and a mechanic to take care of a maximum of 10 vehicles. And a large-capacity radio used for contact comes with 4×4 vehicles each as customers and the support team does not sit in the same car.

A night camping, dinner, BBQ, and campfire in nature are included on both short and long-day tours. As your fellow-travelers, our local experts are willing to share and exchange with you interesting stories about driving off-road.

With over 10 years of experience in operating Vietnam 4×4 tours, we are sure to take you to the most scenic routes with a reasonable itinerary and bring you the journey of a lifetime.

9. Great accommodation

Based on the locations and your preferences, we will choose among a stilt house, homestay, hotel or bungalow to stay in. Rest assured that these accommodations will have the best views of nature.

However, these places are different from Western standards but their quality is all great as your comfort is always the top priority. Each room includes clean and comfy mattresses, mosquito nets, en-suite bathroom with a shower, and privacy curtains.  

10. Food and Beverages

The morning meal to offer always has a cup of Vietnamese coffee and fresh fruits, omelets, bread, pancakes, or Pho.

Every time you get back for lunch and dinner, a full table of freshly-prepared local dishes cooked by the hosts will be available. Enjoy! Do note that the drinks such as wine, beer, and soft drinks are not included and you will have to pay an extra cost for them.

The above are all that you need to know when taking a 4×4 travel in Vietnam. Hopefully, this guide will contribute a part to your off-road tour in a beautiful country. We wish you the best trip ever!


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