Traveling one day in Nha Trang city tour

Short introduce of Nha Trang city

Nha Trang is a beautiful beach city in the middle of Vietnam. Because there are a long yellow coastal sand, cobalt beaches. Besides, Nha Trang city are very develop about the tourist with many good accommodations. From standard to luxury.

Not only by beautiful beaches with many under water activities. The road in Nha Trang are very modern with many place for travelers to visit like Ponagar temple, fishing village, pagoda, etc. For this tour, the student will take you go around Nha Trang city. They are very friendly and want to improve communication skills by English. They will take you around the city by motorbike.


There are two time:

8:00 AM to 12:00 AM / 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM

Long Son Pagoda

The student guide will take you at your hotel to visit some of famous place in Nha Trang city. The first destination are Long Son Pagoda. Which is one of the famous pagoda in Nha Trang very crowded local people and travelers. Visiting there to understand about their traditions, worship and customs. Go around and reading the history of pagoda to understand more about the reason as well as the year to establish. Long Son Pagoda famous about the place have the big White Buddha Statue.

Po Nagar temple

You must wear the pants or trousers to visit pagoda to worship the buddha. After visited the Long Son Pagoda, moving to the Po Nagar temple on the hills of Nha Trang face to the sea. Which is the good location with beautiful views from here. This temple made by Cham people from 8th to 13th centuries. Passing by hundred of years it still stable by the time. Following with many locals here, the Cham people made this temple with the special materials so it can stable by the time. Nowadays, the special materials still a mysterious. The Vietnamese scientist can’t explain which factor can connect many bricks together.

The architecture here are very mystery with old ruins from the past. The bas-relief are very sophisticated and still exist by the time. Not only the ruins here, there are some of exhibits from Cham people was storage on the near museum there.

Vinh Luong fishing village

The following destination is Vinh Luong fishing village. From here, you can see the local activity of fishermen like catch fish, trade fish or transport the seafood for many regions in around Vietnam. Because this is a fishing village so it will have the smell of salty air. Try to take a picture with colorful boats here or buy some of fresh seafood to have a BBQ for tonight.

Next, this is the last destination before ending tour. You can choose between A Souvenir shop or A Cafe shop. Visiting the coffee shop that you can have a snacks or a drinks. As for the Souvenir shop, you can buy some of gifts or presents for relatives or just decorate your home.

Coffee shop in Nha Trang

Souvenir shop in Nha Trang

The tour will end on 12:00 PM / 17:00 PM. The student guide will drop you back to your hotel. If you satisfied with their service, don’t irresolute to tip for them about the gasoline, foods or money, etc.

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