Top 7 Northern Vietnam Beaches for an Unforgettable Vacation!

You want to get away from the hectic pace of city life to spend time in a tranquil region? Then these top Northern Vietnam beaches are for you!

As summer is drawing near, it is about time you take out your notes and pen and start planning your upcoming vacation! Where do you intend to go? Put down all your work, find somewhere far away from the crowd where you can take a break, breathe some fresh air, snap some photos here and there, and just simply enjoy a day without pressure?

If you are going to say yes to all of those, then the beaches of Northern Vietnam are definitely some ideal choices. As it trails the length of the entire region, the ocean changes bit by bit and eventually forms several unique beaches with distinct traits. Therefore, you will never run out of things to be in awe of upon coming there.

Below is a list of the not-to-miss Northern Vietnam beaches. Enjoy!

1. Tuan Chau Beach

The stunning and peaceful scenery of Tuan Chau Beach

When traveling to Quang Ninh, apart from Halong Bay, it would be a mistake if you do not stop by Tuan Chau Beach. As one of the most spectacular tourist spots of Northern Vietnam, this wonderful beach receives thousands of visitors annually, especially on peak vacation periods.

Overall, Tuan Chau is an island about 8 kilometers away from Ha Long. With smooth sand and cool blue water, and a wide range of recreational activities, this Northern beach has successfully convinced many tourists to return over and over. Perhaps in the future, it can even emulate Halong Bay – the main attraction of Quang Ninh!

2. Bai Chay Beach

You will not be able to resist the dream-like beach of Bai Chay

During your stay in Halong, make sure to spend some time lazing off at Bai Chay Beach and feel the distinct ocean vibe.

With roughly 3 kilometers in length, Bai Chay is considered as the biggest beach of Halong City. Aside from Tuan Chau, this Northern Vietnam Beach has also become the favorite vacation spot of both national and international tourists thanks to its lovely sandbank and crystal seawater.

Plus, Bai Chay is also home to several intriguing places. For example, the Antique Museum, which keeps a part of Vietnamese history, and Vietnam Cultural Theatre, is where you can learn a thing or two about the country’s folk music and dances.

3. Co To Beach

Co To Beach with its straight-out-of-a-movie view

Next on our list, we have Co To Beach – a true paradise on Earth whose compelling scenery can blow you away.

Unlike other beaches, Co To Beach is not situated in the heart of the province or near the bustling neighborhood; instead, it is located on the distant Co To Island and a part of Van Don – Quang Ninh. The drive to it takes lots of time (approximately 90 minutes). Still, once you have set foot on the island, you will realize that the long wait is worthwhile.

Upon coming to this island, you will find yourself lost in the fairyland that few people have set foot to. The island is quite densely populated, but they manage to keep the beach’s pristine look. White sand, bright sun, azure water – sound like a perfect definition of a perfect trip, don’t you think?

4. Quan Lan Beach

The pristine beauty of Quan Lan Beach is going to entice you for sure

If you are yearning for a true getaway journey, leaving everything behind and having a quiet time for yourself on Quan Lan Beach – an impeccable destination.

It will take you 45 minutes to get from Halong to this Northern Vietnam Beach. At this point, the whole place is a bit underdeveloped, we’re afraid. But on the bright side, this lets the beach maintain its unspoiled look. The water is even clear enough for you to see the smooth sand underneath, and the view is truly mesmerizing.

On top of that, Quan Lan is also known for its fish market which is always stacked with fresh seafood. So, upon your trip to the island, make sure to come here and grab yourself some fresh-from-the-ocean delicacies!

5. Dong Chau Beach

Dong Chau Beach – Another Northern Vietnam Beach with breathtaking beauty

Dong Chau is an alluring beach about 30 kilometers from Thai Binh City. Do you see the little houses in the picture? Those are oyster farms. The nice and cool beach is one thing, it is these special traits that draw curious visitors to this one-of-a-kind tourist attraction.

Like many beaches of Northern Vietnam, Dong Chau is like a small corner shrouded in a distinguished atmosphere and a sense of peace. Not only can you immerse yourself in the blue sea water once coming here, but you can also take a stroll along the sandbank and contemplate the view. Trust us, the sight when the sun goes down on Dong Chau Beach is truly something to marvel at!

6. Cat Ba Beach

Traveling to Cat Ba Beach will be an experience like no other

Another Northern Vietnam Beach that everyone with a sense of wanderlust must check out is undoubtedly Cat Ba! For many years, this has been an intriguing tourist spot with a long-standing reputation of the whole country. Gem-blue water, sun-kissed sand, pristine nature taking over almost the entire place – all combine to form a second-to-none look to this beach.

And there is more than just that. The area surrounding Cat Ba beach also happens to be among the best spots for Vietnam motorbike tours. So, if you intend to embark on one this upcoming holiday, why not choose this as the destination?

7. Cua Lo Beach

Cua Lo Beach prompt to bring you an interesting vacation

Situated 18 kilometers away from Vinh City, Cua Lo Beach draws visitors to it like a magnet. The stunning sea glimmering under the sun and the lovely sand is one thing. Many people find this beach a pleasant place to relax because of the lush green coconut trees and pine trees keeping the area cool and shady all the time.

Here is the greatest thing about this Northern Vietnam beach. At night, you can tag along with the fishermen and join them on a fishing trip. How cool is that! This will definitely give you a chance to steal a peek into how the locals work, thus broadening your knowledge.


That’s all there is to it! Thank you for sticking with us. We hope that this list of top Northern Vietnam Beaches can give you an idea or two about where to have a delightful trip this year.

Anyhow, what do you think of our suggestions? Do you have any other beaches in Northern Vietnam that you want to add to our list? If yes, please tell us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

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