Quy Nhon – The new beach city in Vietnam, part 1

Brief introduction of Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is the new beach city for to urist in the middle of Vietnam. Everything here are new for the visitors with long coastal beaches that’s cover by mountain range. The beaches have the blue emerald water and yellow sands around the half of Quy Nhon city.

Almost visitors travel to Quy Nhon to find the peace, quiet because everything here are very wildlife. On this post, I will recommend you some of place to go around Quy Nhon as well as Binh Dinh Province in two day itinerary. Try to go all these to get the best experience of this new beach city.

The first day

Place to go in the morning

Visiting Ghenh Rang Spots in the morning at Quy Nhon are the best choice to begin a new day in Quy Nhon city. Ghenh Rang is about three km from the central of Quy Nhon city. There are some of famous place here with beautiful scenery.

Tien Sa Beach: Around the beach are the pine trees with beautiful coastal of yellow sands and beaches combination each other. It’s bring a good scenery for photo picture. Try to hike to the Ghenh Rang peak to get the full view of Quy Nhon sea. The fresh green mountain range, the blue ocean with the blue sky mixture each other to make the great portraits that you can’t miss.

Hoang Hau Beach (Queen beach): In the past, when Nam Phuong Queen went to Quy Nhon, she felt this beach are very beautiful with egg-shaped rocks, slightly wind and deep blue ocean. She chose this for her private beach. So it can be call Hoang Hau beach (Queen beach).

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In the Ghenh Rang area, you can see visit the Han Mac Tu Tomb. He is a famous poet in Vietnam with many heritage of poems for Vietnamese literature. He is a leprosy victim and passed away in leprosy hospital in Binh Dinh province. The poems of Han Mac Tu are very romantic about love, deep-lying in your mind.

There are lots of gardens and trees around Han Mac Tu Tomb. This is a good location for the poet like Han Mac Tu can lay down with face to the sea and back to the mountain. It has the full view of Quy Nhon Beach and a part of Quy Nhon city.

Han Mac Tu poems

What to do in the afternoon?

Discovering attraction place in the central of Quy Nhon City

Long Khanh Pagoda: It’s situated in 141 Tran Cao Van Street, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon city. Long Khanh pagoda is the heart of Quy Nhon city because it have a long history from the past. At least 300 years ago, Long Khanh Pagoda created for Chinese people in this area. There are some of heritage things from the past like the bell from 1805, the Buddha statue, etc.

Champa Tower – (Thap Doi): Following the J’rai language, it called Sri Banoi. The Champa tower ruins with green grass, palm trees and some of towers have the long year ago in the past. It still stable by the time. Visitors come their to understand more about the culture of Cham people. If you visit Thap Doi in night, it will be light by yellow that’s make the tower more mysterious.

Place to visit in the night

Surf Bar: It situated in Xuan Dieu beach, this is an open space bar with the ocean. The decoration of bar is vintage with yellow light, acoustic music, simple table on the beach. Seating here to enjoy the wind from the sea, foot on a sand then tasting the local of cocktail or mojito are the best thing to do in the night at Quy Nhon beach. Relaxing at the night beach and forget all of stress and pressure from work.

Night market in Quy Nhon: It’s situated in Le Duan Street and open from 17:00 PM to 23:00 PM every night. There are more than 300 stalls include shopping and food. Not only travelers, local young people often go there to hang out and meeting each others. You can buy many things from here like the souvenirs, handcrafts, clothes or local special things. All of items here are reasonable price for everyone. Besides, this is a nice place for people have dinner or snacks by many delicious fishes from the taste of Quy Nhon.


There are some places that you should go when visit to Quy Nhon. All of it are very beautiful and new with the travelers. This part, I just mention about the place that you should go. It’s lack of local foods here. For some of following parts, I will continue recommend some of beautiful place and local foods with various mixture in the middle of Vietnam. Thanks for reading, I will be back soon.


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