How To Extend Your Vietnam Visa

Visa extension is an important matter, and one may face such a situation, while in the middle of an incomplete project or assignment or even due to personal reason to seek a visa extension.  Like any other sovereign country, Vietnam also has visa extension procedures, which are easy to follow. Extending your Vietnam visa is one of the easiest and convenient way to continue your stay in the country and in this article you can find out relevant information on Vietnam visa extension.

The difference between the Vietnam visa extension and visa renewal
Before we move ahead with the article, we need to clear the difference between visa extension and visa renewal. People generally think these are the same thing when that’s not the case. Visa renewal is for a person who has left the country and wants to re-enter again whereas visa extension is needed when the person is still in the country and his visa is going to expire soon.

Another significant difference is that in case of visa renewal, you can renew single as well as multiple entry visa, whereas extension can be done only for a single entry visa. Also, the Vietnam visa extension fee is much cheaper when compared to the visa renewal fee. The processing time for both renewal and extension is the same, which you can get within 7 days. It is advised to hire a travel agency who will do the visa extension work in few days’ time.

How to extend your Vietnam visa?
The period of extension of your Vietnam visa depends upon the type of visa you have, and the period it allows you to stay in the country. For example, if you want to extend for one month, then your original visa should have been applicable for one month period stay. As already mentioned above, the whole process takes around a week, and hence you should apply for the extension of visa a few days before its expiry date.

The extension can be done directly at the immigration office, or you can contact any reputed Vietnam travel agency. We have already mentioned the advantages of hiring a travel agency as they are quick, more efficient, and can provide you with cheap visa online.

For the extension of your visa, along with the application, you need to submit copies of your current visa, your passport bio page, immigration stamp, last date of entry and the information related to your local residence. Only a few nationals can get the visa extension; hence you are advised to contact the Immigration Department to check whether your country falls under the criteria or not. The whole period it takes is usually 5 to 7 days, and all you have to do is wait patiently. However, under urgent conditions, it takes just 2 to 3 days for the same.

Nationality plays an important role when it comes to the extension of your Vietnam visa. If you come from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany the extension process will be swift and easy. But if you are from difficult nations such as Middle East countries or China, India, or African countries, the extension will take time, and there are likely chances, your application may get rejected.

Conditions apply for a visa extension:
Extension for one more month: This is possible if your original visa is 1-month single, 1-month multiple, 3-month single or 3-month multiple entry visa.
Extension for 3 more months: This is possible only if your original visa is 3-month single or 3-month multiple entry visa.

The fees for Vietnam visa extension varies according to your nationality and can cost you something around US$ 150 to 300. If you are applying for visa extension via travel agencies, beware of scammers; hence you may contact only a reputable agent. Don’t fall into the trap of unscrupulous agents who offer unrealistic services and visa charges. As a precaution, it will always be better to check the credentials of the travel agent and their customer feedback.

You can also directly contact the Immigration Department which is present at all the three major airports of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang.
Consequences of not applying for a visa extension.

If you do not apply for Vietnam visa extension and overstay in the country, then you may have to pay two type of penalties.  These are the penalty fees for overstaying and the exit fees.

•    If you have overstayed for less than three days, you do not have to visit the immigration office. Go to the airport and get an exit visa directly.
•    In the event, if you have overstayed for any period of more than three days would lead to a penalty of around US$25 per day.
•    If you do not wish to leave the country,  then you have to pay the fine and apply for the visa extension.
•    The same documents as in case of your regular visa extension process will need to be submitted.
•    The procedure is the same as if you lose your passport. However, it is necessary to contact your embassy for a new passport and get a passport lost report from the police and then contact the Immigration Department for the visa extension process.
•    It’s important to remember that overstaying your visit is considered a severe offense in Vietnam and can land you in deep trouble. And the more you overstay, it will become difficult to resolve.

Vietnam is a beautiful and attractive country and sometimes two weeks or a month will be too less to explore its real beauty. If you wish to continue staying in Vietnam, then you can extend your visit by adhering the mandatory visa extension process. The whole process is smooth and not confusing however there are a few points that you need to consider before applying for the Vietnam visa extension. Therefore, when you are planning to extend your stay in Vietnam, stick to the provided information in the article.  Keep ready all the relevant documents and submit for visa extension before the expiry of your visit visa.

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