How is the weather in Sapa?

The Weather in Sapa

Sapa is the small town in Lao Cai province and it situated in the north mountain of Vietnam. It’s very close the border of China. Sapa is very same China about the weather because it’s the similar region. Sapa belonged in Hoang Lien Son mountain range and have the height 1,650 meters. The weather here are quite cool and seasonal changing weather. There are four season weather in Sapa with beautiful scenery to visit. Sapa have the weather is cool all four seasonal.

In Sapa, it has 4 seasons on a day and it changes quickly. Waking up in the morning, you can see the Spring weather, the summer is in the afternoon. Autumn and Winter will appear when the sun gone down.

Spring in Sapa

Sapa degree and scenery

The Spring in Sapa from Match to May. In early March, the spring will come to Sapa. The average degree from the March to early May reach to 20 C degree. In the early morning, the average temperature here from 16 C to 18 C. All this time, the weather is dry and sunny, a little bit cool at night.

The scenery on Spring are very beautiful after awakening from Winter. It’s become green and fresh with foggy and steam. Sometime, it also has some slightly rainy, don’t forget to bring umbrella to get beautiful picture and avoid the wet. Spring is the good weather that visitors have to travel Sapa. This is a time for visitors want to observe the colorful flowers especially is blossom. Any other plants survives after coolest weather.

Summer in Sapa

Sapa degree and scenery

The summer in here begin from May to June, July and August often have rainy suddenly. This is the hottest season in Sapa with the highest degree is 30 C and the average degree is 25 C degree. However, it will be cooler on a night.

Lots of sunshine on summer

Although this is the sensitive weather, most of visitors come to this season to hike or trek the Hoang Lien Son range to reach the top of  Fansipan. They often make a camping all night, having BBQ on the cold weather all night are the best choice for them to visit this place. Be careful with the street or road because it’s so wet by rainy and mud. Summer is the weather for the locals here enjoy the warm sunshine because almost season in Sapa, the sunshine might be not exist.

Autumn in Sapa

Sapa degree and scenery

From October to November are the Autumn weather in Sapa. The average degree here will around 4 C to 6 C degree on night and 11 C to 20 C in the afternoon. You can catch the coastal of yellow terrace field here are ripen. This is the harvest season in Sapa, go everywhere you can see anything with yellow colors and the busiest of the farmers with merry on their face.


The yellow terrace fields in Autumn

Harvest time of farmers

It’s alarm for the best harvest in this year. This is the perfect weather after summer that travelers can have a camping or trekking to Fansipan. It’s less rainy or maybe not on this season. Autumn is the best time for many motorbike tour with dry, safe and less wet than the summer.

Winter in Sapa

Sapa degree and scenery

It’s come from Early December to February. This is the coolest weather in Sapa, the degree will drop down 1 C or even minus degree on a night. On this period, you can see the snow in here with beautiful landscapes like Europe town. The mountain and everything covered by snow. Plants will fall leaf and protect yourself against with the hard atmosphere. The fog in this time very thick, sometimes there are slightly rain with wet roads. This is the dry season with everything are white and cold.

Although this is the coolest weather in this year, lots of visitors arrive Sapa to observe the snow fall down in the tropical country. Visit Sapa during this time are the best choice when having the hotpot on the night at the restaurant to observe the snow. Drinking a hot beverage from the local is hot corn wine. Two of its will make yourself balance and protect the cold atmosphere outside.

In Brief

There are four main seasons in Sapa that was summary by the author with many some of activities for each seasons. For the author, the best time to visit Sapa is the Spring when everything wake up after the coolest weather passed. However, this is his situation. It’s base on your feeling which is the best season suitable for you to visit Sapa. Every season with every landscapes support for you every picture with many beautiful coastal of pine tree and terrace field when visit this foggy town.

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