Hai Van pass tour by motorbike: once in your life

About Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass appeared on the fourth route in the famous UK program, Top gear Vietnam Special filmed by BBC in 2008. Its breathtaking and spectacular view completely surprised the team and Hai Van pass was then dubbed as “the best coastal road in Viet Nam and South-East Asia”.

Hai Van pass is a mountainous stretch of road in central Vietnam. It lies in a strategic location, as a climate boundary between the tropical south and the subtropical north, as a natural wall. During times of war, Hai Van pass was regarded as a strategic military post: if having conquered the location, the military force could take control of the whole Ho Chi Minh road, surrounding sea and land trails. Hai Van pass is the only coastal road connecting the North and South and is the highest mountain pass in the central region. Thus, it is viewed as a fortress.

At the peak of the pass, it is easy to take a panoramic view of the coastal city of Da Nang, Lang Co Bay, and Bach Ma National Park.

Hai Van pass tour Vietnam

Hai Van pass tour Vietnam

Hai Van pass tour by motorbike

Sticky notes

  • Suitable motorcycle type: it depends on riders’ experience to select a proper motorbike to enjoy this route. Based on our experience, we would suggest a dual-sport motorbike from 150cc above.
  • Riding skills: if you are not a beginner, you can totally enjoy this coastal road because of the high mountain pass and steep slope. And on this pass, we introduce another completely different off-road route that is downwards to Bai Chuoi beach.
  • To-do-list:
    • Watch weather forecast before start
    • Fill up your motor
    • Bring a raincoat, personal protective gear, and a qualified helmet
    • Check the brakes and tires before crossing the pass
    • Bring 2 spare motorcycle inner tubes (the same size) in case of penetrating in the middle of the pass
    • Carry on basic equipment to open the spark plug and replace the tube.
    • Equip your motor with two rearview mirrors.
    • Bring enough still water or drinking water packets.


  • Time to ride: Most suitable time for Hai Van pass tour is from November to July
  • Route itinerary:
    • Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau (170 km; 5 hours)
    • Day 2: Mai Chau – Tan Ky (270 km; 5 hours)
    • Day 3: Tan Ky – Phong Nha Ke Bang (280 km; 5 hours)
    • Day 4: Phong Nha Ke Bang – Khe Sanh (220 km; 5 hours)
    • Day 5: Khe Sanh – Hue (180 km; 5 hours)
    • Day 6: Hue and the Forbidden City
    • Day 7: Hue – Hoi An (170 km; 4 hours)

Diary from the 6th day in Hai Van pass tour

Weather on the day: blue sea, deserted and white sand beach, and sunshine.


Pass and off-road routes (Bai Chuoi)

First, to ride from Hue to Hoi An, we have to go through two big passes, namely Phu Gia and Phuoc Tuong, then we pass by the wonderful Tam Giang lagoon. As soon as we reach the foot of the pass, we can see the iconic Lang Co beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Viet Nam. It would be wonderful to ride aside from the deserted and white sand beach, along the blue sea, and in the sunshine.

600m far from the top, if you have time, you should explore Bai Chuoi beach, one of the “authentic” beaches located at the bottom of the pass. The route to Bai Chuoi beach looks truly amazing as we are passing through natural and protect forests and riding aside Lang Co Bay on the right. How fantastic it is! It looks like a masterpiece. The scenic picture is unique. Those who have ever been there sharing the same feeling as Robinson on his island.


Hai Van pass tour is a truly adventurous journey and unforgettable experience for off-road and single track riders if they want to challenge themselves. The route to Bai Chuoi has about 12km winding mountain road and some slight bends and 5km rocky road. Thus, Bai Chuoi beach is still a virgin. Many people do not know the route as they are not adventurers. Only professional tour operators like us enjoy the interesting experience. Taking Hai Van pass tour with us, you will have a chance to fully explore the pass and off-road route to the miraculous Bai Chuoi beach.

When searching on the internet, you only see Hai Van pass partly. Almost all people who go through Hai Van pass take pictures with the same view. Yet, the route from the peak of Hai Van Pass to the Bai Chuoi beach is completely different.

Reaching the top of Hai Van Pass, you will have the best panoramic view of Da Nang city and Bach Ma National Park. You can totally enjoy the whole sea view and mountain view. It is greatly relaxing to be at the top of the pass, stay aside nature, see the entire city, and then breathe in and out. It seems that you can smell the air, so fresh and pleasant.

Hai Van pass – It is not only a tour but a must-do journey in your life. You explore not only the landscapes but local food and culture. Also, you can experience cultural practices of ethnic minority people on the road trip.

You should choose a dual-sport or dirtbike motorcycle or off-road bike instead of an adventure bike to experience off-road…

Go through Hai Van pass by motor – We must say, it is “once in your life”.

Why BM Travel Adventure?

Taking Hai Van pass tour with BM Travel Adventure helps you fully explore the route as we own all types of motorcycle for this journey.

Accompanying us, you will win the off-road route to Bai Chuoi easily. Only with BM Travel Adventure, you can enjoy your long-awaited Vietnam motorbike tours in the best way. We stay beside you. Head to Hai Van Pass, your choice, your journey. Let’s hit the road!

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