Extend your visa when in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the countries that you need to apply for a visa to enter, and there are some types of visa as below:

1. One month single entry

2. One month multi entries

3. Three month single entry

4. Three month multi entries.

For tourists, one month single or multi-entries is advised to save cost. However, many tourists ask us to extend their visa when they are in Vietnam. Actually, it is possible but it takes time and not convenient when you are traveling.

What is the procedure?

We will need your passport with 02 photos (size 4*6cm) and it normally takes one week to get it done.

How long can the visa extend?

If you are exempt from Vietnam visa earlier like nationalities from UK, France, Italia, Spain, etc. The visa will be extended to 15 days.

If you are not from those countries. the visa will be extended to 30 days.

Our suggestion is to have a good plan before coming to Vietnam to avoid extending your Vietnam visa as it might be a problem to your travel schedule. The issue here is to wait one week to have the visa extended without having a passport in hand when traveling.

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