Exploring Saigon by student tour

Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City student tour

Is this the first time to visit Saigon? Don’t worry, Saigon are beautiful and interesting place with high young population. If you don’t know how to go and place to visit. Student tour are very convenience for travelers by cheap and the student can improve communication skills.

Try to join in the student tour, it’s free because they are volunteer student that want to improve communication English skills. The student tour will take you on a motorbike and get through the narrowed or crowded street. It’s so interesting.


There are two time for you

From 7:30 AM to 11:30 / 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM

The student guide will meet you at your location, they can take you by taxi (fee), walking or scooter (free). Basing on your demand, they will go with you. However, making deeper inside the Saigon streets, try to use the scooter to explore all of it. This is the best choice for you to take full of experience in Saigon by across traffic jam, enjoy the hot sunshine in Saigon.

Ready to go

We will go to some of famous places in Saigon has the French architecture like Notre Dame Cathedral, Independent palace, Central Post Office, etc. War Remnants museum. Visiting these place, the student will tell you about the story as well as the history of this place. If you have been these place, tell with the student, they will take you to the best place that they often go.

Notre Dame Catheral

Saigon Central Post Office

Independent Palace

After visiting all of these place, if having more time. They will take you to the Ho Thi Ky Market, this is the street food town with lots of local dishes of Saigon and Cambodian. You can have dinner or lunch here with cheap meals. Some of local dishes here like Banh Xeo, Vietnamese Noodle soup, Sweet soup, Num Bo Chok noodle soup (Cambodian dish), etc.

Cambodian Sweet Soup

Moreover, some places that you can ask the students to go are Cholon Market, Ben Thanh Market, China Town, Pagoda or some of food stalls around Saigon. You can make a deal with them.

Chinese Pagoda

Lantern town District 5.


After visited all of these place, the student tour guide will drop you back at your hotel at 11:30 / 17:00. Because this is a free tour from volunteer student. Don’t irresolute to tip for them if you satisfied with their service.

If you have more time, you can contact with the student to ask them more about the place to go in Saigon, they can suggest you some place or make a deal with you.



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