Everything About Enduro Tours in Vietnam

Believe us, do not ever try traveling with an enduro motorcycle in Vietnam because you will surely get addicted to it. You can understand what we say when you get on your stunning enduro, conquer all Vietnam rugged roads, and discover every mysterious corner of this country. Paradise is just on your way. 

You might be wondering how enduro tours can be that magical. OK, we will explain everything about it. Keep scrolling down to explore this reliable companion for every adventurer. 

Discover superb enduro tours with these easy steps

What is enduro? 

Enduro implies a “long-distance” motorcycle race. Sometimes, it is used for bicycles too. The characteristics of this race are extremely rugged and dangerous. The riders must pass all obstacles to reach the finish line. The fastest person will be the champion. The purpose is to test the rider’s skills and the quality of the vehicle.

Hard Enduro, also called “extreme enduro”, means the difficulty will be much higher. It is the toughest type of racing in the world to date.

There is a brand of motorcycles called Enduro which was invented to compete in such races. Motorbike enthusiasts love them so much. Therefore, every year, dozens of models are launched to satisfy the needs of customers.

Besides racing, Enduro are also very suitable for traveling. Roads are not always safe, so strong motorbikes like Enduro also are one of the best options.

When traveling by Enduro, people often go in groups, especially in a country with many rugged passes like Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam enduro tours have gradually become popular.

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Some features of enduro motorcycles

Because of the special terrain characteristics, Enduro does not look like other motorcycles. Its engine must be in high quality to meet the safety rules. The design must also be suitable for long-distance travel. Let’s find out in detail!

  • Engine

Enduro is being improved day by day. The latest models have a cylinder capacity of up to 750cc and a horsepower of over 60. With such an advanced engine system, conquering the rugged terrain is just a piece of cake.

Besides, Enduro has elements suitable for long-distance travel such as GPS, large fuel tanks, and the tires ideal for streets and off-road use. The fork and muffler system has also been improved to make the vehicles run effortlessly.

In addition, Enduro is equipped with a control cluster, brake lights and a series of other modern features.

  • Design:

With many parts, the Enduro motorcycle is quite heavy. However, its design has always been simplified. The manufacturer has eliminated unnecessary clutter. Overall, Enduro is quite compact. The saddle is also soft and not too high so that people can sit comfortably.

The enduro comes with an eye-catching appearance. It is very stylish, sporty and simple with white, black, or noctilucent color. Each brand also has different designs for customers to freely choose.

Best brands of enduro bikes

There are currently many enduro motorcycles in the market. Every model has its own distinctive features. We will recommend you the most popular models right now!

  • Honda CRF250L: This model has just launched a new version in 2020 with outstanding improvements. Its most marvelous feature is the modern suspension designed for rough roads. Compared with the old versions, it is also equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System). 
  • Honda XR150: It is one of the most favorite Enduro motorcycles in Vietnam because of its eye-catching design. Moreover, it adapts all the crucial criteria for an enduro, including compact appearance, sufficient cylinder capacity to conquer roads in Vietnam, and economical fuel consumption.
  • Honda CRF150L: The underneath of Honda CRF150L is high enough to help it overcome high mounds and deep holes easily, which is thanks to the pair of wheels. Wheel spikes are also quite large to be able to overcome bad roads. The low price is also a plus.
  • Suzuki DRZ400: Although it has been launched for a long time, it is attractive to endure motorbike lovers. The best part is that it is extremely suitable for muddy roads. Meanwhile, the shock absorber system with its very large shrunk will be super effective.
  • Husqvarna FC450: Husqvarna FC450 gains popularity mainly because of the forks. It has been adjusted to make the motorbike move more smoothly. Other elements like WP suspension, Brembo brakes, and Dirt Star from DID are also carefully selected.

If you want to rent one of these bikes for your adventures in Vietnam, click here.

Tips for choosing a good enduro motorcycle 

There are many models on display, but how to choose the most suitable vehicle? We will help you solve this problem.

Before deciding to buy, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your ability: The enduro models are quite hard to control. You need to know your driving ability. From there, look carefully at the parameters of the vehicle such as horsepower or maximum speed to choose the one that you are able to ride.
  • What is your height: If the saddle is too high or too low, you will have trouble riding your Enduro. Therefore, please check the height of the vehicle carefully. It is best to sit up to see if you feel comfortable or not.
  • What is your purpose: Where do you want to travel? How is its terrain? After considering your journey’s conditions, check if the motorbike can meet your demand or not.
  • How much are you willing to spend: Enduro has a wide range of prices. However, the low price does not mean poor quality. The cost also depends on other factors like spare parts or demand of the customers.


To be smart, you have to learn. To be brave, you have to try enduro tours in Vietnam. The breathtaking roads might scare you but they will also amaze you for sure. Vietnam always welcomes bold travelers. Just break your own limit to conquer Vietnam and discover it by yourself. Life is short. What else are you waiting for? Let’s become fearless!

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