Ducati launched Multistrada V4 version to celebrate 100,000 motorcycles released

On the occasion of the hundred-thousandth Multistrada has been delivered to the customer, Ducati has officially confirmed that the Multistrada V4 version will be launched in 2021.

 Not so long ago, the test version of the Multistrada V4 appeared in Italy, which led to the humor of new adventure motor generations of Ducati. Until now, its existence has been officially confirmed. It was said to be in the development process by the Italian motorcycle firm. More especially, Multistrada V4 will be sold in 2021 which is parallel to the Multistrada 950 and 1260 with L-Twin at present.

When Ducati celebrated the hundred-thousandth Multistrada which was produced from the factory since it was launched in 2003, the information about Multistrada V4 was confirmed. This motorcycle considered a key product which was not only the most advanced version 1260 Pikes Peak but it also was given directly to a German customer named Dave Hayward at Ducati’s factory by the director of Ducati. The unique feature of this motorcycle is that the line of the word “Multistrada Centomila” is carved by laser on the triple trees comparing to other 99,999 Multistrada ones.

Because Ducati has officially confirmed the selling Multistrada V4 in 2021, this kind of motorcycle can be guested to be launched at EICMA 2020 exhibition in the next year. Meanwhile, in the upcoming EICMA 2019, the new version called 1260 Grand Tour or GT will be the center point of the Multistrada line. It is featured by a pair of containers, smart automatic cruise control technology which is operated by a radar sensor.

The super motorcycle appeared in the process of pre-production testing in Italy in June. It uses the same engine called Desmosedici Stradale V4 as Panigale V4 and roaster Streetfighter which is going to be launched.

In a press release, Ducati announced that “The development is ongoing. In 2021, the Multistrada family will expand to welcome 1260 and 950  with a single-cylinder and a new special engine a version called V4.

Like the current Multistrada 1260 version, the Multistrada V4 will be available with at least two versions. They are called Standard and S. Besides, this kind of motorcycle also can have Pikes Peak version.

If Ducati does not decide to change, all of the three versions will mostly use the 90-degree Desmosedici Stradale engine (V4) and a liquid with a capacity of 1,103cc to cool. Additionally, the specifications are likely to be higher than the current version.

This kind of engine can produce a maximum capacity of 170 to 180 horsepower. For the modern Multistrada 1260 version, the engine produces the power of 158 horsepower with the rotation of 9,500 revolutions per minute and the torque reaches 129.5 Nm with the rotation of 7,500 revolutions per minute.

In a recorded video, the Multistrada V4 is not too different from the current version. People may expect a double LED headlamp, an unconventional mask, and a more suitable arrangement.

The rear, as well as the handle-bar design of the Multistrada V4 test version, is most similar to the current Multistrada 1260 version. However, there is a clear difference in the exhaust part. The covering part looks higher than other current products of the Multistrada line.

The design focuses on the handlebar being placed high and the place for feet is relatively forward as usual. The road version will use 17-inch wheels on both wheels while the off-road version with the Enduro card will have a larger front wheel (19-inch) along with many other changes.

Hardware specifications on the standard version will include a manually adjustable suspension system while the S version will be equipped with Ducati Skyhook Suspension Evo electric adjustable suspension system. Additionally, it has a better braking system and more electronic devices than the base model. The Multistrada V4 may also have its own radar cruise control system of the Ducati.

However, the Multistrada V4 will not be the next product in the touring list of Ducati. The Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour will be the first product introduced before launching the Multistrada V4 which is expected to release this year at the EICMA exhibition in Italy.

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