7 Ideal Destinations For Your Motorcycle Trips Through Vietnam’s Highlands

You may not know this, but the motorbike experience is very popular for traveling through the passes in Vietnam’s highlands where you have the opportunity to admire the majestic, untouched nature on your own, and participate in many attractive things that cannot found anywhere else.

The question is:

“Where should you go?”

In fact, there are many beautiful routes that bring you different emotions while conquering far-flung lands in Vietnam. Regardless of the experience, you want to enjoy, through this article, rest assured that you will never regret it.

O Quy Ho pass

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle up the Northwest mountains, you can’t help but know about the four great passes of this place, including O Quy Ho, Ma Pi Leng, Pha Din, and Khau Pha Pass.

O Quy Ho, which is also known as Hoang Lien pass, is considered the largest and most beautiful pass in Sapa. On the way to Sapa by motorbike or passenger bus, visitors will have the opportunity to stop at this location. There are quite a few cafes here, giving you a very magnificent and majestic view of the mountains and clouds. We recommend that you come here at sunset when the scenery becomes jaw-droppingly beautiful.

The name of O Quy Ho is derived from the H’Mong language, which explains its record of the length of the pass in the Northwestern mountains, in particular, the pass’s length is nearly 50 km. 

Mu Cang Chai

Going on the journey to discover Mu Cang Chai, you cannot miss Khau Pha pass, which is one of the most awesome places to admire the ripe rice. Dubbed as one of the four great passes in the North, this pass is famous for the winding roads and slopes. In addition to Khau Pha pass, you may be amazed at the stunning beauty of La Pan Tan, Ba Nha Bridge, and Tu Le Valley – the most popular tourist destinations in Mu Cang Chai.

Apart from admiring ripe rice, hunting for the clouds floating halfway up the mountain in Mam Xoi Hill are the things photographers should not miss. Besides, participating in the Vietnam highland fair in Mu Cang Chai will also be an interesting experience in this season.

This is an opportunity for you to enlist to buy many typical mountainous handicraft products. At the fair, visitors can learn about the cultural identity of ethnic groups and join the community space of the people here.

Mu Cang Chai

Dalat passes

This Vietnam highland city has many beautiful and breathtaking passes for you to enjoy. And one of the most famous destinations here is probably Prenn Pass – the pass of pine and waterfall with the typical views of Dalat tourism. It brings poetic, romantic, and magical beauty.

Prenn pass is not very long, only about 11 km, but you can experience a lot of interesting scenery. The pass winds around the famous Prenn waterfall and lurks under green pine trees, misty fog in the early morning or late afternoon.

Let’s try the feeling of riding in the mist in the early morning, and catch the first rays of sunlight creeping through the canopy and shining down the road. Really a nice trip, right!

Hai Van pass

In addition to the winding bends, Hai Van pass also makes visitors stunned by the majestic and poetic scenery. This pass is 500 m high above sea level and about 20 km long, located 20 km from Danang and 80 km from Hue. This place has been voted by the Guardian magazine (UK) as one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. That’s why Hai Van Pass motorbike tours are always one of the most preffered motorbike tours of foreign riders when coming to Vietnam. 

Let’s stop on the pass to see the immense sea below your feet and the slow pace of life in Danang in the distance. Besides taking photos at the famous U-shaped bend, you can also visit the “lonely pine” or Hai Van Gate when crossing this road.

Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass

Ha Giang – The Road of Happiness

Located on the 185-kilometer-long Happiness road, Ma Pi Leng pass attracts visitors by the rugged terrain and majestic mountains and rivers. Thousands of ethnic minorities have cut mountains and carved rocks for 6 years to make this 20-kilometer road. The hills and green Nho Que River in the deep abyss have created a wide and high space for this place. Coming here, visitors will easily capture several photos of spectacular nature.

Pha Din

Pha Din (Son La) is a 32-kilometer-long pass and is 1,648 m above sea level. It stands out due to the rugged terrain of high cliffs and deep abysses.

In the journey to conquer Pha Din, you get a chance to visit the Vietnam highland villages of ethnic minorities amidst the clouds and the peaceful Muong Quai valley. Pha Din Peak is the destination with brilliant gardens of dahlia flowers, buckwheat flowers, French roses, hydrangeas, and sunflowers, and so on.

It is no coincidence that Vietnam’s highlands win the hearts of a great number of bikers from all over the world. But don’t just read. Take a Vietnam motorcycle trip to peaceful highlands and feel. From the passes on the mountain slopes to the single-track paths along the coast or terraced fields, etc., you surely can’t help getting overwhelmed and excited. Like and share the guide with others if it’s useful for you. Thank you.

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