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What Makes A Suzuki Enduro The Best “Sidekick” For A Trip In Vietnam?

“Urggg, everything sucks real bad! The trip to France that I’ve been accumulating money for the whole year has gone down in flame because of Covid-19! You think that’s the worst already? My boyfriend and I haven’t seen each other for

Everything About Enduro Tours in Vietnam

Believe us, do not ever try traveling with an enduro motorcycle in Vietnam because you will surely get addicted to it. You can understand what we say when you get on your stunning enduro, conquer all Vietnam rugged roads, and discover

Top 7 Northern Vietnam Beaches for an Unforgettable Vacation!

You want to get away from the hectic pace of city life to spend time in a tranquil region? Then these top Northern Vietnam beaches are for you! As summer is drawing near, it is about time you take out your

How much does it cost for a Vietnam motorbike trip?

For a lot of international tourists coming to Vietnam, taking a motorbike trip is an exciting experience in which they can feel a real Vietnam on their two-wheel bike. Once having the decision to take a Vietnam road trip, you may
Hai Van pass

7 Ideal Destinations For Your Motorcycle Trips Through Vietnam’s Highlands

You may not know this, but the motorbike experience is very popular for traveling through the passes in Vietnam’s highlands where you have the opportunity to admire the majestic, untouched nature on your own, and participate in many attractive things that
Vietnam 4x4 tour

10 Things You Should Know When Taking a Vietnam 4×4 Tour

For a perfect and safe 4×4 travel in Vietnam, you and your companions can’t miss out on the following things. 1. A safe and functional car A 4×4 vehicle equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems like ISUZU DMAX, FORD RANGER is the
Hai Van pass tour Vietnam

Hai Van pass tour by motorbike: once in your life

About Hai Van pass Hai Van pass appeared on the fourth route in the famous UK program, Top gear Vietnam Special filmed by BBC in 2008. Its breathtaking and spectacular view completely surprised the team and Hai Van pass was then

Local dishes have to try in Quy Nhon

What is Quy Nhon’s local dishes? Like you know before. Quy Nhon beach city with many foods come from the ocean. Almost the local foods here made by seafoods. However, there are some of special of local foods make from meat

Beautiful attractive places have to go in Quy Nhon, part 2

Place to go in Quy Nhon Quy Nhon is the beach city with many beautiful places have to go. Normally, the travelers come Quy Nhon for the first time. They don’t know how to go and place to go in Quy

Quy Nhon – The new beach city in Vietnam, part 1

Brief introduction of Quy Nhon Quy Nhon is the new beach city for to urist in the middle of Vietnam. Everything here are new for the visitors with long coastal beaches that’s cover by mountain range. The beaches have the blue