Cambodian Traditional Costumes & Clothes [GREAT PHOTOS]

If you plan to travel to Cambodia, you may want to know what type of traditional dress people of Cambodia wear, maybe you want to know so you can wear appropriate clothes and be similar to them in terms of clothing style. Cambodia is an exceptional place to visit, but it is also rich in customs and traditions, like the clothes that its citizens wear daily.

Normal, Or, Traditional clothing of Cambodian

Most Cambodian costumes are casual, with the exception of the one used to go to formal events. Cambodian men, usually wear shorts and T-shirts made of light cotton, in order to stay cool in the heat. Women traditionally wear wide shirts, and sometimes the weather dominates the clothes of the people. When it is hot there is nothing better than wearing wide clothes that help to be cooler.

Appropriate clothes of people of Cambodia

Clothing style of Cambodian is usually light, loose and it is recommended that people always wear long sleeves cotton clothes. In this way they can be protected from the sun’s rays, but also from annoying mosquitoes or other insects. During the rainy season, it is necessary to always carry an umbrella. In addition, wearing a jacket when going to a hotel or restaurant is necessary because they often use air conditioning excessively.

These tips that I have just commented on in the previous paragraph is a good idea to keep them in mind because it will help you feel better in the city of Cambodia and you will be able to dress accordingly according to the climate and your lifestyle. But of course, do not forget to keep yourself feel comfortable.

Then I will move on to talk about some traditional Cambodian clothes, as everything related to fashion is very important to them. Fashion helps them differentiate socially and feel comfortable every day.

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