Beautiful attractive places have to go in Quy Nhon, part 2

Place to go in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is the beach city with many beautiful places have to go. Normally, the travelers come Quy Nhon for the first time. They don’t know how to go and place to go in Quy Nhon city. If they know place to go but they can’t arrange the itinerary suitable for the whole trip. Missing some of spots are the big mistake of travelers making plan to travel. Following the part 1, I will recommend continue some of place to go for the visitors in Quy Nhon city.

Waking up in the morning to observe the panorama of ocean views

Thi Nai Bridge: This is the longest bridge in Vietnam get through the sea. The length of Thi Nai Bright is 7 km. It connect Phuong Mai peninsula and Quy Nhon city. On the bridge, you can have a full panorama view from the deep blue oceans with shining sun in the morning. Go there to take a morning breath from the sea. This place is the good attraction for observe the sunset or dawn.

Phuong Mai peninsula: It’s about 8 km from the central of Quy Nhon city. Phuong Mai Peninsula is the place for animal and plants can live in a wildlife. There are a big ecosystem here contains mountain range, islands, beaches and sand dunes.

All of it have many beautiful landscapes with the long coastal beaches, colorful of coral reefs, fresh seafood and sand dunes. Most of place here are very simple and wildlife. By the time the author write this post, attractive places in Phuong Mai peninsula are less tourist visit because it quite new.

A corner in Phuong Mai Peninsula

Eo gio

this place belongs to Phuong Mai Peninsula. It’s far away from Quy Nhon city, it’s about 20km from the central. Visiting there to see many beautiful landscapes of combination between mountain range, beaches and sands. Travelers go to Eo Gio to observe many beautiful rocks, stone as well as cave in here. Some of cave are Ba Nghe, Doi, etc. There are many colorful rocks and stone around the beaches. If you want to have a good views to the sea, try to get the peak in the hills to have a full landscapes the ocean.

The road at Eo Gio cover by mountain range with many difference rocks and stones. The red bridge, the deep blue ocean, the green of mountain are make the scenery here like the oil painting. After visiting Eo Gio, make a short trip to Nhon Ly fishing village near here to eat the reasonable price of fresh seafood. Moreover, you can pray for the peace and safety at Ngoc Hoa monastery here with the big Lady Buddha face to the sea.

Swimming on the fresh beaches with scuba diving and snorkeling

Ky Co

To discover the Ky Co beach, you can hire the canoe or a boat at the Nhon Ly fishing village to take there about 15 minutes. Another way, you can go there by a motorbike. This is a special beach, the coastal of the beach is look like the half moon. The water of the beaches here like the transparent crystal with the yellow sand and slightly waves. The scenery here are very peaceful and quiet.

Many big stones and rocks in here separate the Ky Co beach into many parts with low water level. After swimming here you can move to the Bai Dua beach for snorkeling with many beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish and water eco-system here. Don’t forget to explore some of caves here that will bring the best experience for you on your big holiday.

Sand Dune in Phuong Mai peninsula

This is the big hill of sands in Quy Nhon. After swimming on the beaches, you can visit there to enjoy the windy of sand dune. Some of sand dunes here have the height from 20 to 30 meters even 100 meters. Standing there, you can see yourself so tiny with the sand hills, it look like you are lost in the desert.

Staying on the peak of sand dunes, you can the full observation to Phuong Mai peninsula, Thi Nai lagoon even are Quy Nhon city. On the top of sand dunes, you can hire the board to slide from the top, it’s very interesting and funny. Try to do it when visit here.

Night in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon Square: this place for many local people and travelers gather to enjoy some of social exchange. They come there to enjoy the windy from the beach or the noisy of Quy Nhon city. Some of local foods sell here by mini food stalls. Moreover, there are some of team building or mini game from the young people of Quy Nhon city. If you don’t know place to go in the night at Quy Nhon, come there to get in line with the local people here.

Xuan Dieu beach: The second for travelers to visit is walking around the Xuan Dieu beach to enjoy the fresh air from the sea. You can try some of local foods here like seafoods, rice paper, deep-fried fish cake, beverages, etc.


There are some attraction place that the travelers can visit when they go to Quy Nhon. Not only the beautiful scenery of beaches and mountain range. There are many pagoda and ruins in here. Besides, visiting here to see the young people here are very full of granite strong by many activities in Quy Nhon Square and many noisy bar and coffee around the Xuan Dieu Beach as well as the night market here are very attractive.

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