Banh mi restaurant ran out of a bus by British girl

Cat O’Brien has converted a regular double-decker bus into a venue to be used as a banh mi restaurant.

She came up with the concept during a visit to Southeast Asia. The 26-year-old was working as a teacher in Hanoi when she fell in love with Vietnamese street food.

Upon returning to England, she decided to purchase a double-decker bus from an online trading website in order to transform it into a restaurant.

After receiving her purchase she got to work renovating the bus and designing the restaurant by herself.

The restaurant is decorated with wooden furniture in a Vietnamese style. Many of the materials used such as cloth and colourful bricks have been brought over directly from Vietnam.

A number of photos that she took during her time in Hanoi adorn the walls of the bus.

As well as the owner, Cat O’Brien also works as a chef in the restaurant.

Each banh mi costs £7, equivalent to VND210,000.

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