13 must-try dishes when visiting Dalat

Banh can (mini pancakes) Mini pancakes are a popular dish among the people of Da Lat. The pancakes, which are filled with eggs and come slightly burned, are eaten alongside meat balls and fish sauce.

Banh uot long ga (steamed rice paper with chicken intestine) Many people enjoy this dish due to its unusual taste. This cuisine consists of rice paper and chicken meat or intestine mixed with fish sauce.

Soy milk and cake For many visitors, a pleasurable experience can be found by drinking a cup of soy milk and enjoying a bite of a sweet cake on a cold Dalat evening.

Kem bo (avocado ice cream) This delicious ice cream combines with the taste of an avocado to create a sweet dish to enjoy.

Cheese yogurt Visitors to the region can find this exquisite dish on sell at almost every restaurant and coffee shop in Dalat.

Hotpot A staple throughout Vietnam, hotpot is a good choice for visitors to enjoy fresh vegetables and a variety of meats during any cold periods that hit Dalat.

Strawberry Local strawberries mixed with ingredients such as yoghurt, fresh milk, sugar, or salt have to be sampled when visiting the city.

Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper) When cooking this delicacy the chef applies a little oil to the rice paper and then adds shrimp paste, cheese, and green pepper. An egg is later added and stirred thoroughly with chopsticks until the dish is fully grilled. It tastes even better when cooked alongside fried onions and pork.

Meat fried on a bamboo stick When walking the streets of Dalat at night, visitors will be enticed by the alluring smell emitting from a number of the city’s grilled restaurants.

Fruit jam These eye-catching jams can be seen on display throughout the city. Each kind of jam has its own distinctive taste and a specific fragrance that is exclusive to Da Lat.

Artichoke Soup The most popular style of artichoke soup is one that is made with stewed pork, onions, and coriander.

Local fresh fruit and vegetables

Regional coffee

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